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I had 5 failed water tests, was recommended to call S & L Water. Rob came to my house at 8:30 PM the day I called him. He assured me he could fix my problems and did within 2 days.....YES 2 days HE DID!!!! Very friendly service, explained in detail his plan and he followed up with me every day until he and I were both satisfied with our results. I highly recommend Rob and S&L Water Solutions for all of your treatment needs. You will not find better, more friendly service!!!!! I promise you that.
Rich- Martinsburg, WV August 2022

As soon as I talked to S & L on the phone, I knew I called the right company. They were able to come out same day between 2:30 and 4:00 that afternoon, and just like clockwork, 2:30 rolled around and Rob was in my driveway!

After looking at the location the system would be installed and testing our water Rob went over the different systems he offers, including the top of the line system, but said you don’t need that one. Not only did Rob not try to sell me the top of the line unit, he said the existing RO system we have is fine.

Rob and crew arrived yesterday morning for the installation just like he said they would. Two and a half hours later we have great water!

If you’re looking for an honest, trustworthy company who does great work and won’t rip you off, then Rob and the S&L crew is for you! Rob will definitely be my call for any water related needs from now on!
Ernie- Boonsboro, MD May 2022

I purchased a 100 year old home in 2020 and the house had well water. Anytime we turned on the water, it would smell like rotten eggs. To make things worse, the water would leave rust rings on my appliances. I had S&L come in an install a filter and softener system and since then, I LOVE MY WATER! It doesn’t have an overwhelming smell, it doesn’t leave hard stains and it has a silky feel. I’m thoroughly pleased with the outcome of their service and their follow up service and look forward to them doing more work in the future!.
Loren- Hagerstown, MD April 2023

We are super happy that a few neighbors referred us to Rob and his team at S&L Water Solutions! We had been looking for a ***efficient*** whole home water filtration and softening system, and Rob was able to deliver all of that in a single amazing system for us! Rob was super professional and transparent with us as he walked through our home and described the things that would be necessary to install the system based off of what we wanted. We thought that we would be paying quite a bit to have some water lines moved around to suite our needs, but we were wrong! The estimate we got from him was well within our budget, and thousands less than what we had been quoted from another company. The team that came over to perform the work and installation was just as professional, and the job they did in our basement is super clean with high quality fittings... 100X better than the original fittings that they had to replace from the builders. Our water smells, tastes, and feels great now. We are definitely happy customers and can’t praise S&L enough!
Jeffrey- Brunswick, MD April 2022

Ever since we got our new water softener from S & L our water has been amazing! I thought all softeners were the same but they ARE NOT!

The real reason I wanted to write a review is because when I fill my pool every year I have to add chemicals and Iron Out to the pool to clear the water.... Not this year! The new softener works so well that my water was clear when filling my pool. I am amazed!!
Mary- Frederick, MD February 2023

"I have relied on Rob’s experience and knowledge of all things water for years. Not only does he provide viable solutions for my clients in real estate, but he does it with a very personable manor. He has always been helpful with just answering questions when no service was immediately needed without making you feel like you were bothering him! I would highly recommend him and his team for all your water and well needs!" 
Amy- Keedsyville, MD December 2022

From start to finish, the team from S & L Water Solutions did a totally professional job analyzing our situation, recommending a solution, and getting the entire job done in one day and just one week from our first visit. We had no idea how much we needed a better solution for our home. Recommend highly!!!
Martin - Myersville, MD January 2023

I am quite impressed with the install quality and noticeable improvement of my new Hague water treatment system (my previous system was a cheap Home Depot whirlpool set up). I am using less salt, and can taste and feel the difference. Money well spent! Also kudos to the ‘top shelf’ installers - I am no plumber, but I can see a huge improvement with their attention to detail and quality.

Charles- Hagerstown, MD  March 2023

"I have recently dealt with Rob when I had needs for a water softener system, UV treatment system, and a drinking water system. I never had well water before; the drinking water and treatment system was all a new experience for me. Rob took the time to explain all the different types of products available, as well as his suggestions on what I might need. He did not pressure me but guided me to my best options. He was courteous, professional, and super easy to work with. His expertise not only showed with his suggestions for our needs, but also throughout the installation process as well as the follow up after the fact. He was readily available when needed and professional with his level of customer service. I will continue to consult with Rob for future needs and would recommend anyone having water needs do the same."
Rachel of Greencastle, PA  December 2022

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